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Nov 6, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> back here in california. governor brown is in sacramento to attend a prop 30 event where he will be monitoring the prop 30 and presidential election. amberly is at the state capital with what is happening there. >> we are at the sheraton where governor brown and prop 30 supporters will hold a watch party in less than two hours. right here is the spokesman for yes on prop 30, the proposition that would raise sales and income taxes for folks to help schools. and this is dan newman. in recent polls it shows the proposition lost some steam. how of course are you tonight? >> we are feeling pretty good. the governor has been traveling the state up and down north and south and east to west meeting with educators and school superintendents and people fed up with the cuts. we have had to lay off 30,000 teachers and take $20 billion out of our school and the class sizes are the largest and tuition rates have gone up by double for tuition rates and people want to support the schools and supporting prop 30. >> the governor is set to be here sometime after 8:00, that's the latest reporti
Nov 25, 2012 6:00pm PST
beat figure. browns visit oakland next saturday. >> bears maul minnesota 28-10 and jets and packers about to finish the first half with the giants leading 24-10. >> coming up st. mary's tries to avoid being stung by the yellow jacket it's basketball and it's next. . >>> st. mary's spent the thanksgiving weekend in anaheim, participating in the new directv classic and today the ghezzal on the wrong channel. brandon waldow steals the ball and matthew feeds him under the basketball. waldow scores and gives the gaels the lead early in the second half. this game was for third place in the direct tv classic. brandon reed with 3 of his game tie 19 points and cal and pacific are playing in the championship game as we speak. >>> stanford beat ucla to clinch. the final round on the european tour was supposed to be a dual between rory mcilroy and no. 2 luke donald, but today mcilroy won by two shots over justin rose. now mcilroy already won the money list for the european and pg&e tour and look at. this we gets one of the biggest trophies i have ever seen in my life. probably needs help carryi
Nov 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
the cliff appears most likely. athena jones, washington. >>> governor brown says today that the passage of proposition 30 here in california shows americans are ready to pitch in to resolve the u.s. fiscal crisis. >> everyone is going to have to realize that building roads is important. investing in schools is important. paying for the national defense is important. biomedical research is important. the space program is an indicator of the world leader, all of that takes money. it's not all going to come out the wall street. >> prop 30 helps to save millions in potential cuts to uc and cal state systems, but regent are meeting this week to consider increases for grad school and csu wants to impose fees for superseniors. >>> senator s on both sides of aisle are discussing major changes to immigration. democratic charles schumer is working on a plan with lindsey graham. >> we have put together blueprints on immigration reform that had the real potential for bipartisan support. based on the theory that most americans are for legal immigration, but very much against illegal immigrat
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3